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Related post: Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 10:55:04 EST From: Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter 8Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between young adults. Please write: I would love to hear sheila modelcom if you like my story.Raw Recruits. Chapter 8.He recklessly palmed his pud. Sarge pounded Denny's joy buzzer over and over deep inside him and they both screamed as the two young sweaty gleaming bodies hung momentarily motionless at the height of their ecstasy, before firing their throbbing pricks off. Sarge was jerking and bouncing out of control. He beat, slapped and punched at the child teen supermodels young private riding his throbbing peter.He had achieved that unmatched joy of a gut wrenching, loin-tingling, all-consuming manshot!He slumped finally on top of Denny, heaving for breath along with the kid under him. 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Denny's ass after Brownie took him down.Two hours past 'lights out', about midnight, all the black soldiers were back in their own bunks having hauled the dregs of their white playtoys back to theirs.Friday morning broke ftvgirls models bright and shiny and Sarge stealthily stalked through the first floor bay, choosing to shock the shit out of the second floor squads first. His spit shined boots and perfectly pressed and spiffy fatigues looked great on the long, slender young sergeant as he gingerly made his way up the back steps hoping to catch at least a few dudes beating their morning wood in the bunks up there. He did have a quizzical look on his face that there wasn't even the rustle of one wacking hand under the sheets on the first floor.Both floors jumped from their beds alena model top when Sarge roared upstairs, and the sounds on the ceiling of the first floor were like rolling thunder. Sarge was just as surprised there was no rustling in the beds of the upper floor either. On the way back down the aisle to the stairs again, Sarge caught sight of Shrum bending over to pull on a sock, and stepped over with a hand to his tail to check on the butt plug. Shrum came up in anger at the touch, and then got all feary at the sight of Sarge's nodding smile. As he watched Sarge's back, Shrum hoped that the attention just then didn't mean he was on the dime for that night....after all it WAS Friday...and Sarge usually hit town on Fridays....didn't he?It had been quite a night for the young soldiers of First Platoon. 36 black dudes got their nut at least once, the upstairs squads as well as the bottom floor, and most bruthas got more than one turn. Even a couple of the white troops was allowed to nut. BUT, Friday was, after all, another day!At morning mess, the squad leaders got together privately to compare notes. Hmmm, Sarge didn't see any rustling in the 2d floor beds either because Hodge, Hinds, Cary and Shrum were put to the tool overnight as well. High palms slapped above the breakfast plates accompanied by four big-assed smiles so big all you saw was teeth and eyes gleaming.There was talk about sharing and varying the fun as well as an all out four squad gang-bang. Nothing was resolved, but the anticipation was cock steeling. By the time they got up to dump their trays, japan nake model not one of the squad leaders could lia model schoolgirl stand totally erect with the rods they were throwing in their boxers.It was top 100 modelart hand grenade training that morning after a five mile ez go model march out to the site during which training air raids plagued the platoon's route and they were constantly having to haul ass off the road and into rocks and trees to duck the strafing gunfire.At the grenade site there was a lecture where the troops sat in bleachers and watched demonstrations. Seems like eight dudes kept dozing off and flopping into the shoulders of their bleacher mates. White recruits all...just seems like them white kids can't seem to keep up with the training.After a paran model forums break, they were led to foxholes. Each group of four boots was accompanied by a 'trainer' in the foxhole to give guidance to the young soldiers learning to pull the pin and throw the hand grenade for bella child model the first time. To keep everybody alert, while most of the grenades were just filled with smoke powder, one was live.Each of the first eight foxholes had a white soldier with three blacks. Major was directing the assignment to make sure there was a spread of the 'wealth'. By the time the last three white kids were pulled from back of the line, they had gotten the picture. The earlier tbm model placed white troops thought it was just the way it worked out. Boyyyyy, penthouse lingerie model they shoulda knowed better, eh?While the first set of mates waited for the instructors to get the trials started, one black kid in each of the first eight holes introduced himself to the corporal or buck sergeant who was already waiting in the hole to give the hands-on training. Three were white, five were black.They got the white kid recruit shoved up to him first to get his throw done before the rest. When the cadre gave the go ahead in those first eight foxholes, the white dudes heaved out the first practice grenade. As it turned out, of the whole first round, two of the grenades were 'live'. That kept every young trooper on edge till all grenades macey teen model were thrown. They would get three throws in total, and there were 13 for demo by the instructor, then 3 for each troop to practice with.Magic's midnight hot models foxhole was typical. The training soldier was informed that the white kids in the holes with them were service tools. 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Not ella model nude many of the following throws by each recruit was exceptional. What made it super, the dudes found out....was whether a throw was especially bad fashion model pussy or not, they get two more throws! Ahhh, underground toplist models needless to say, the sucking white trash got that much more time to get their fuck-feeder model imagevenue off.What a session! The black troops got a kick out of watching the trainers from the first eight foxholes jabbering together excitedly afterward, hands gesturing, and rubbing their fly fronts, crouching their knees getting their stuck prickheads free from drying cum drizz in their boxers. The kids in the foxholes without whiteboi play were told that their chance would come first chance they got, or when they had the next rifle trainfire which was also a foxhole exercise.They then were released at a shaded area to feed up from their meal kits. They would get a chance to rest after eating before the march back to the barracks.Magic wanted to 'fair-up' the dudes that didn't get taken care of at the grenade training, and waved a couple of them over. newstar model diana When the first couple of troops got to him questioning, "Whassup??!"Magic just pointed at the whitie boys over at the edge of the tree line sprawled out on the ground after policing their field ration tins and mess kits.Big teethy smiles coursed their faces as they first looked up and then back to Magic...who handslapped aceboard model girl with them as the rest of the boots came by on their way for 'service'.Magic poked at Davis and Shad to turn and watch...The eight black boots that got left out surrounded the eight white platoon members, and there was a bit of a scuffle thai supermodel tits as the white kids were swamped, then shoved behind the trees where they were sat on and fed the new 'dark' meat entree.....yesssssss!!!!The dudes had that wicked lech of the typical horny young dude. They high-fived all around to each other as they bounced on the upper chests of those eight pricksucking cumdumps till they blowed their wads.It was quick, but refreshing for the facefucking blacks who moved on back to their squads zipping up and patting at their flys, bumping shoulders and chests with each other, and a pointing finger 'thank you' to Magic..The white kids hadn't been taken as a 'unit' til then. They stared at bobcat mascot models each other in disbelief of how their life had changed since Sarge naked petite models called the first of them preeteen model gallares into his quarters that Monday. Now it was out in the open, pedofilia model almost reckless, the way they were models 12yr nn being taken down.They were going to be in fear of every movement around them at every moment. The loss of their mouths and assholes the past week left them as speechless as each was every night with a mouth full of black cock."Fall in!!" called the Sergeant.All troops jumped, grabbed their packs and rifles and hustled to form the platoon and cover down at attention.Soon, guestbook ls models the squads moved petite modelling out to the road in squad columns down both sides of the road back to the barracks, some 5 miles away. Of course the training harassment continued.A helicopter loomed and roared into sight and hearing with guns blazing. The troops dove for the trees and brush bordering the road. A group of cadre then rushed up the road and five boots were declared 'wounded'. The requirements then are to apply first aid as they were trained, and either top model tgp give an arm to each who could walk, or devise a litter with tree saplings, ropes, blankets or tent-halves, to carry fotos teens models the non-walking wounded.The cadre model nue pegged four blacks as wounded with one requiring a litter...and a white troop, Pvt. Cary, was designated litter-wounded. Magic came running up to Cary's litter. Two of the black troops would be carrying pedofilia models him. Magic opened up Cary's pants and downed them below his butt, and had lsm girl models Cary roll over on his belly. He called for Brownie and two more litter bearers, both black. Magic had this big shit-eating grin which was matched by the black dudes watching the action. They KNEW Magic was setting up some hot stuff for them.Indeed he was! He grabbed at Cary by his shirt and pulled his head out over the end of the litter. Then he told Brownie, "Getcher cock out bro an' hop up there bikinis modelo and fuck'iss honky fag!"Pvt. Brown couldn't yank his pants open fast enough and climbed up on top of Cary's ass. A blanket from a backpack was thrown over them as Cary screeled with Brownie's surging poker, sandra teenmodel blog only to be quieted, "Sqqqurchh!" as the brutha facing him carrying the litter filled his cock-eating face.The black kids carrying the litter had all to do to keep stable with the site of the white boy sucking dick and being laid right out in the open. Some of the troops along the march route came up and goosed Brownie to his own joy and Cary's misery as it made Brown humpslam the kid under him even harder nudist childrens models each time. From the roadside columns came the hoarse-whipered chants of "Fuck him! Fuckhim!"They still had 2 miles to go, and some of the other dudes wanted in whiteboi pussy. They started a badass bettie models round robin of young black soldiers swapping carrying the back end of the litter so they could get blowed. Then, Magic scouted down the columns and found another black kid almost as light and Brown, and sent him up to be ready to replace nonude model forum Pvt. Brown in Cary's bunger. The new kid, Williams, could barely control his eagerness. This in spite of him being one of the kids who got his nut in the white fuckers overnight five different ess model 11 times! He had his cock out in broad daylight whipping and squeezin' on it as he marched alongside of the litter coaxing Brownie on.The marching troopers chanted as they saw the blanket flapping over Brown's ass as he short-pumped Cary's asshole to his fuckshoot.In an almost moving shuffle, Brown and Williams swapped and there was already a fourth kid pumping Cary's swollen lips. In those 2 miles of cock sucking boy fucking litter carrying, Cary ate him 10 fine black dicks! The other white kids who could see what was happening were shattered to the core now more than ever. There was no longer ANY safe haven....not even a training exercise...out there in the open!The platoon was called to fall out into the barracks without forming up, so inside the barracks, the four guys then carrying the litter with Cary, took him right to the last bunk away from Sarge's quarters, and yanked off the blanket to watch Williams get off. Five or six voyeurs took stations around the bunk, and got hotter and hotter as Williams super models russian "Ungh! Ungh! Urrnnnngg!" seeded him some white faggot pussy."Ugh! Uhhhh! Pleeeeze....!" whimpered Cary. A black face stuck itself right into Cary's and said, "You ain't gotta beg boy....we gonna keep given it to yuh....yassuh....we is gonna keep on keepin' ohn!"In the fever that they were in, it was impossible to leave that white bubble butt sticking up there without more service. Three more dudes climbed on in succession and reamed out young Cary, who took another six cocks in his face. It was amazing.....annnnd it was contagious....In acadamy tank models the showers, the other seven white kids were on their knees. The poor fuckers were now gonna be in service every waking minute, and they KNEW IT! Their crawling skin was so uncomfortable to them in the cold sweat realization as the warm shower sprayed youngest models ass over their still shivering, scared, cold naked bodies, faces pulled up to look into their black face-feeders' eyes....being smacked each time they blinked from water hitting their own eyes.Then....suddenly, the black dudes were gone....six knee dragging kids dropped onto their hands on the russian child model floor of the shower, crawling around trying to get themselves in some kind of shape to get up and rinse out their mouths and get ready for mess. None of them had the ability to take 'roll' and note news models sveta that one of their cocksucking posse was missing. Cary was not yet off the litter since they hauled teen model cars him in on the litter....or out from under Pvt. Davis....the 2d floor squad leader who was the last to plow the young soldiercunt into buttfucking bliss. But Conway...he was missing too.Not really. Pvt. Renke....a nn magazine models fine looking black dude, not over big...maybe 5' 9", 155.... decided to play rodeo. Before he got his nut up Conway's face in the shower, he shoved him out onto the floor of the bathroom and sank his handsome coal black prick busty model funlumpkins balls young model photots deep up Conway's bunghole and proceeded to ham-slam the beaten fucker across the floor. They even crawl-banged out into the hall! Renke was wild! Out of control! He was wheezing...hucc-gasping for breaths as he continued to bang the living shit out the young white bootcunt. Conway's yelps were deep-throated grunts as he was cock-rammed up the aisle of the barracks.Ohhhh mannnn! From the front...sweat glistened on Renke's bobbing jet private models tgp black face as his bright white teeth shone. His eyes were slits as his features clenched in his raging sex fever. Oh god, but from behind....his sleek black form was spread wide. model twinks His legs were splayed way out, his feet up on his toes. Conway's pale white feet bottoms were faced up and together, dragging on their tops between Renke's muscled legs.Renke's muscles were perfectly toned and defined. The ebony sheen down his deep spinal crease directed your eyes down to his snap-fucking bubble butt. The sweat gleamed over his back right down ebony models blog into his slightly open tail crease where with his legs spread so wide, it was busty model xxx easy to see his huge ballsack swinging freely up into Conway's nuts. He was a milk chocolate fuck bunny!Then he pulled Conway's ankles out wide and young models kylie up, showing the kid's fine and fleshy white toebottoms. He was top childmodels fuck-crawling him on up the aisle like he was pushing a wheelbarrow. At several points along the route of cheering black privates, Pvt. Conway slipped from his hands onto his face, bringing raucous applause, ranting and foot stomping from the onlookers as Renke just kept shoving dick up that fucker and nude sipermodels drilling that boipussy up the aisle on his face! The sight of Conway's cheek dragging along the floor distorting the cumdump's face made the crowd hysterical. They began to walk and crawl along with him in front, along side, and even straddling him smacking at his head, kicking at him, and spitting in his face and on the floor ahead of where it was being shoved. The rest of the troops were crazed..enflamed in sex fucking lust!!!>From back in the shower, the other six white troops who had just barely managed to get their asses up off the floor when they heard a roar and screams approaching...the thunder of running feet. "Ahhhhhhcccchhhhh! Noooooooooooo! Aiiiiiieeeee!" 'Fphwupp! Flopphh! Fabumphha-arumphhashhgphisss!'The black squads swarmed the white boots in the shower and there was black cock in every hole, and in some holes more than one. They had been so overheated by fuckin' Renke they couldn't even see straight any more. They just had to have a whitefuck vent to blow a load in!Again there was a mix superchildmodels nude of all four squads taking down the white troops. Magic and Davis stood at the entry to the showers and watched as the last of the oversexed black troops got their nut and finished by pissing all over the white trash spread out on their bellies around the shower floor.Almost as fast as it all started, it was over. The showers were on, guys were washing each others' backs in and around the six limp ragdoll whitecunt at their feet. They were soon stepping from the shower, toweling off and making their way back into the squad bays, upstairs and down.Nobody saw Sarge after they got to the barracks. They didn't know if he was in his quarters or over to the mess already. He usually ate at the post on Fridays before taking out for town.Troops were about to enjoy their first weekend off since entering boot camp. They could go to the NCO club, drink and fun, catch a movie, but just couldn't leave camp.Sarge could be gone for the fisting models anal whole weekend, or just the evening, no one knew.The eight white boots knelt in a skinny thong models row as usual before they left for mess, in shorts, tees, and that night, no sneaks. They would carry them looped over their necks by the tied laces. They crawled and were butt-kicked to the messhall where they would put their sneaks on before entering...removing them when they leave to return to the av model girl barracks.Most of the white kids could do the chinups at the messhall, but the black troops would stand underneath them and as the whities' abs would tighten on the up pull, they'd either goose 'em or punch their bellies dropping them down to be forced to do pushups before getting in to eat. They'd sit on them, stand on their backs, put a foot to their 16yo naked models necks and shoulders. Not one white dude was allowed to do one pushup....then after they decided they gave them enough trouble, they'd let them up to eat, and not last either. They wanted them up front so they could get right back at them after mess.Then of course, the white kids were butt kicked all the way back to barracks. About twenty of the black boots were going to the NCO club for a little beering up. They would see how things folded out for the night. All eight white dudes were knelt with backs against the first floor bunks, two each against the last schoolgirls models list four before the head. They teen kelly model wouldn't zhenha teen model be going nowheres. Eight black troops loomed in front of them and yanked the kids' tee shirts off....then just stood in front of them...staring them down.The white kids 'got it'. They pulled down the fronts young child models of the black soldiers' shorts and pumped each of those ebony rods before taking them into their mouths. modeltgp nude Ohhhhh mannnnn! This was amazing! These kids' lives had merely JUST BEGUN to change.Magic had several of the black recruits tearing strips of sheeting for bindings. Without knowing when or if Sarge was going to come back, and still needing to fun the whitetrash, the squad leaders had gotten together at mess and decided to continue the fun and games on the second floor and keep a few troops in bunks on the first floor to 'convince' Sarge, all was on the up lilly cole model and up if he showed."Gwuawllp! Ulluppkk! Shpmmpp! Gulllllluppk!" Ahhh...the heartwarming sounds of black cock nude teens models at the gulp...."Errrphhh! Awllffgggggg!" Oh godddd. Most of the cocks were throated into whiteface and the blackboi shoot blowed right down into quivering bellies."Sqeeeussssssskkkkkppp!" sounded time after time as each ebony throat probe exited those deep narrow sheaths of gripping whiteboi gullet membrane.The gagging, gasping white kids were pushed down on all fours, and made to shove their own cocks up the butt of the whitie in front. "Oh mannnnnn! Lookit! Lookit!" screamed Brownie, self-annointed cheerleader in charge of humiliation. "It's a whitie fuckboy train!" he squealed."Let's ls model preview go F-U-C-K-E-R-R-R-R-R-S!" Magic roared. "Get them fucking assholes upstairs for some real fine black man-servin'!"Shad was walking behind with a childtopmodel tgp pics model nudist veryyoung big shit-eating grin carrying the bindings for the white tools. They were laughing asia teens model so hard that some of them german porn model were in tears. To watch the white kids with their cocks up each other's asshole as they crawled down the aisle and up the stairs was almost too fuckin' much to bear. They had their pussyslaves lay their chests down on the back of the recruit they were inside of, and lick at them.To make sure the first and last dude were not left out, a broom handle was up the asshole of the last kid, and Brownie got down on his feet and hands, facing up so that while walked backwards on his hands, the first dude in line got a cock to suck all the way down the aisle and up the stairs. As it turned out, five more black troops swapped with him as they made the trek to topless bikini model the second floor.The building anxiety shown in the tented boxers of the sixteen amy lynn model bone-hard black teen soldiers accompanying the parade of the white cumdumps was at fever pitch. They were a-tremble at the sight of that shimmering sweat-shiney caterpillar of white humping bodies, plugged into one another, buddy-rut-fucking all in a row, tongues lapping up each other's back, up the stairs and down the second floor aisle..... Please write and tell me alexandra model if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD pretens young model on the Authors Page.
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